Available Packages:

Certificate of Liability Insurance Included 

Prelude & Ceremony Music

Ceremony & Cocktail Hour

Prelude Music, Ceremony & Cocktail Hour

Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception

Solo Saxophonist 

Saxophonist & Soloist 

Saxophonist & Violinist 

Saxophonist & DJ

Full Band Service For Reception - (4) Piece 

*Need a DJ? Save the trouble of looking for one and let our team take care of that. We have a team of wedding DJ’s we work with. Learn more about that package upon request.

Get This…

Hiring live entertainment can create a fantastic atmosphere for guests to enjoy. The energy in the room will be uplifted from the chatter and laughter that is created from guests sharing their experiences. Researches have found that if brides & grooms could go back and change anything with their wedding, it would have been to invest more in the music. What's a beautiful venue without beautiful music to help fill the room and help create an amazing environment for your guests?

By hiring a live musician for your event, you are guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Your guests will remember a first-class entertainer because of the act being so unique.

Secondly, most events have a key message, the aim for the event will influence the theme or style of such event. So how do you ensure that your audience will remember your event’s message? Book a memorable musician. Ideally entertainment that will reflect your events theme or style perfectly. 

Now we have all been at an event, whether that be a wedding or corporate party that has dragged. This is because it is a tricky part of the event to get right. So, when the conversations are wearing thin and guests are starting to lose the thrill and excitement of being at the event, bring in some live entertainment!

By hiring entertainment you are breaking up the day for your guests. Furthermore, enjoying a live performance will bring energy back to your event not just in the room but in the conversations between guests as well.

There’s nothing quite like witnessing a saxophonist performance to set the mood for the day. Having that live performance suggests to guests the purpose and feeling of the event. In return, guests will start to feel more relaxed and at ease as they now have an awareness of the events purpose.